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Sites for Elementary Students


    These sites are arranged alphabetically by subject heading, except for Reference.  If you need help with any of these sites or finding information, please come see or email Mrs. Miller-Widrick. Please let me know if there is a site you would like to have considered for this page.


Elementary Citation Maker A quick and simple way to set up your works cited list (bibliography), produced by the Oregon School Library Information System.
Information Please Online reference source which comes from Information Please print sources:  examples are The Information Please Almanac, The ESPN Information Please Sports Almanac, and The Information Please Kids Almanac. 
National Center for Education Statistics: Create a Graph Part of the Students' Classroom section, this site allows creation of five different types of graphs. So if you need to make a graph, click this link!
OmniBiography is the largest directory of biographies available on the Web containing information on more than 110,000 important people from antiquity to the present time.

English/Langauge Arts/Literature

Arthur Page 

Jan Brett's Home Page 

Laurence Pringle's Web site and our Laurence Pringle Slide Show from March 31, 2009.

The Official Junie B.Jones Site A fun site from Random House for fans of this book series.

RIF Reading Planet Filled with all sorts of reading activities for the elementary crowd, this site is desgned for students to use easily.

Star Fall's Learn to Read


CBC 4 Kids Fun and educational, this Canadian site features games, news, scavenger hunts and more.

Children's Museum of Indianapolis Fun On-line Page This site provides lots of activities like making a multimedia puppet show and designing a space station plus there is a lot of interesting information on many topics including dinosaurs and.

Dav Pilkey's Web Site o'Fun

Enchanted Learning This site has information on all kinds of animals as well as biomes, crafts, geography, inventors, and plants to mention just some of the topics covered.
Learning Planet: A site filled with fun educational games, here is fun and learning for all elementary aged children. You can play Math games, Science games, and word games. Try it!
Little Animals Activity Center: A site with several games for primary school children. Included are word games, math games and story games.
UpToTen Kids: hundreds of free online activities for kids up to ten years old.

Health, Fitness, and Safety

Kids' Lightning Information and Safety Tips 

Shape Up America! Here is information on promoting healthy living and physical activity and fitness, including meal plans, a fitness quiz, and assessments for fitness levels. 


Bluedog Can Count This site is fully interactive and allows users to sharpen basic math skills, play math-related games, and explore new math concepts.

Flashcards for Kids Includes practice in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

Kid Klok 

KidsBank.Com Covers all aspects of money for the very young. 

Math Baseball 


The World of Music 


The 1st Grade Animal Web Page
The 4th Grade Solar System Page
ASPCA's Animaland This child-friendly site offers interactive information on careers, animal care, and general information about animals.
Cool Science for Curious Kids Created by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, this site offers both online and offline science activities for children of all ages.
Edheads - Simple Machines Activities
Kid Wizard Create slimy potions, play games, or solve mysteries.

National Wildlife's KidZone 

Sea World Includes facts and photos about many animals. 

StarChild Great astronomy information. 

Ways of Knowing Trail This site takes you on an environmental adventure through the Ituri Forest in central Africa with four of the local children. It is a good site for grades 4 - 8.
Web Weather for Kids

Wyland Kids Activities and information on marine life and the environment, including coloring pages and fun facts about several marine animals. 

The Evergreen Project   (for use with the 6th Grade Biome Research Project)

Social Studies

Fourth Grade American Revolution Hotlist
Fourth Grade Biography Project 

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids 

Kids Web A digital library for kids which gives access to maps, information about the U.S. Government, and materials on a range of history topics.

Secrets of the Lost Empires: Medieval Siege This site for upper elementary and middle school students has a lot of information about castles, life in Medieval times, and catapults as well as a couple interactive activities.
 The White House for Kids 


Last updated December 18, 2009



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