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Works Cited and Works Consulted Pages: What’s the Difference?

Works Consulted is the term used for the list of sources used in the preparation of a research project. It is used to list background reading, summarized sources, or any sources used for informational purposes but not paraphrased or quoted. It is used to document those sources referred to, but not cited in your project.

Works Cited is the term for the list of sources actually documented (paraphrased or quoted) in your project, generally through parenthetical citation. All of the parenthetical references in the paper or project should lead the reader to this list of sources.


A student might prepare only a Works Consulted page if he or she did not quote or
paraphrase at all in the project.

A student might prepare only a Works Cited page if he or she paraphrased or quoted
from and therefore cited all sources used.

A student might prepare both Works Consulted and Works Cited pages if, in addition
to the sources cited in the project or paper, he or she also consulted other sources
that were not paraphrased or quoted.


• Head a new sheet of paper “Works Cited” or “Works Consulted” (Do not use quotation
marks around your title.)
• Alphabetize your sources by author, or first entry, which may be an association or a title,
if no author is noted. This should be easy if you have collected source cards.
• Place the “Works Cited” page(s) immediately after the last page of the text.
• If your paper includes both Works Cited and Works Consulted, the Works Consulted page
should follow the Works Cited page.

SOURCE: Developed by Carol H. Rohrbach, K–12 Language Arts Coordinator, School District of Springfield Township, Erdenheim, PA.


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